WATOC was founded in 1982 as the World Association of Theoretical Organic Chemists in order to encourage the development and application of theoretical methods. From its very beginning, WATOC was never really restricted to organic chemistry, and its activities quickly expanded to cover all of chemistry. In recognition of this, the WATOC Board adopted the name "World Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists" in 2005.

The scope of WATOC is reflected by the Triennial WATOC Congresses which have become a forum for presenting research from all areas of theoretical and computational chemistry, including both method development and applications. Attendance at these Congresses has grown from typically 200-600 in the early years to 850 at WATOC-2008 in Sydney and to more than 1300 at WATOC-2011 in Santiago de Compostela.

WATOC Presidents:

2011-2017  Walter Thiel
2005-2011  Leo Radom
1996-2005  Henry F. Schaefer
1990-1996  Paul v. R. Schleyer
1987-1990  Imre Csizmadia

The WATOC website was initiated on Jan 1, 1994 as the first Web service associated with any chemically oriented society, and has been maintained since then by Henry Rzepa from the Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London.

Last modified 8 December 2011